JCC: The Cold War (1961)


Director, USA

Maxime legros

Maxime is incredibly excited for the JCC: The Cold War (1961) and the opportunities for delegates to experience some of the most intense parts of the Cold War, including but not limited to: the Bay of Pigs invasion, MK Ultra, and the many other intelligence-related activities of the CIA. He looks forward to the creative ideas of the delegates and to seeing how committee plays out at the conference! Maxime is a junior at the College, majoring in Economics and possibly majoring/minoring in Religious Studies. Originally from Buffalo, NY and now living in Atlanta, GA, Maxime started Model UN in his senior year of high school and (sometimes) enjoys traveling on the circuit. He looks forward to seeing everybody in April!


Director, USSR

Daniel Scheaffer

Daniel is a senior at William & Mary majoring in Public Policy and Russian Studies. He's so excited to be working with this fantastic team of directors on a topic in his field of study. Daniel also serves as the Secretary General of WMIDMUN, the College's middle school conference, and although he loves his job dearly, he's excited to get the chance to be working in-room with delegates again. Around campus, Daniel can be found working as a TA for the German department and as a research aide for the Russian department. He also enjoys hiking, cooking, and traveling around Eastern Europe.


Crisis Director

Graham Pfeiffer

Graham Pfeiffer, is a sophomore at the College of William and Mary from New York. He's a government major, economics minor, and primarily focuses his studies on military strategy and the rise and fall of democratic regimes. He is super excited for the Cold War JCC. Coups, spies, walls, bombs, democracy and communism, this committee will truly be a battle for the ages. Graham could not be more excited for this exhilarating trip through the 60s.


Assistant Crisis Director

Nitya Labh

Nitya Labh is the Assistant Crisis Director for the Cold War JCC. She is a freshman at the College studying International Relations and Economics. On campus she is a member of the IRC Conference Team, an executive member of the Economics Club, and an active volunteer for the Aim4 Program. After running similar Cold War committees in the past, Nitya is excited to see how innovative and creative delegates can be in rewriting global history!